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Missing your long distance bestie? We've got an idea for your next FaceTime date!


Our Long Distance Bestie craft kits come with all the supplies, tools, and instructions to paint two custom Glass Line Art projects, but with one catch.... each crafter will only receive half of the instructions. To complete your one-of-a-kind painting project, hop on FT with your BFF to combine your instructions and spend some quality time catching up & crafting together...even if you're miles apart.

Long Distance Bestie Glass Line Art Craft Kits

Frame Color
  • Includes two long distance bestie boxes +shipping. One box will be shipped with SIDE A instructions and one box will ship with SIDE B instructions.  Additionally, each box includes:

    • 1 printed copy of image uploaded by purchaser
    • 1 Frame
    • 2 paint strips +mod podge
    • Set of 10 paintbrushes
    • 2 Alcohol wipes
    • 1 Permanent Marker

    Not included:

    • Tape
    • Water Cup
    • Paint plate
  • Please enter shipping address for each box as prompted below. 

    – United States Only via UPS or USPS
    – Shipping speed chosen at checkout
    – Orders typically ship out within 2 business days

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