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Team Building and Corporate Retreats

Looking for a fresh take on the office team bonding event? Book a reservation with us and give your team a screen time break while they learn a new skill and flex those creative muscles.

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DIY Your Team Building Day!

Our mission at DIY Disco is to inspire creativity, connection, and community through crafts and cocktails. We offer an opportunity for everyone to learn something new, get in touch with their creativity, and connect with others without the rigidity of a class structure or the hassle of preparation and clean up. We make crafting approachable and cool with step-by-step photo tutorials in a funky bar setting, so that anyone can DIY!

DIY Disco offers a unique team building experience that can be customized with special cocktails or mocktails, themed crafts, and other team bonding activities, like trivia. For remote teams or offices that are constantly online, DIY crafting offers an opportunity for you and your coworkers to work with your hands and open your mind to fresh perspectives and deeper connections with each other. 


Note: For groups of 10 or more, you can enjoy 10 percent off your total group bill. For groups of 15 or more, you can enjoy 15 percent off your total group bill. Our maximum capacity supports 40 people. We also take requests for private party reservations during non-standard store hours. A deposit will be required for parties of 10 or more. 

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